THE EPOC PROJECT uses a specific style of training that produces a particular effect that is called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).
This means that the specific exercises and the intensity of the workout force your body to consume more oxygen than usual, increasing your metabolic rate for 24 hours or more.
This workout guarantee you the best results. High performance consultancy with a suitable training will lead you to reach your goals.
This project is 100% bodyweight only. You will not use a single weight.



Three key movements to transform your life.

✔100% CUSTOM

The program is tailor-made with total professionalism, just for you.


Fundamental pillar, without strength there is no action.


If you train your body for balance and stability, you will have more confidence in your movements.


Building awareness of your body in space is called proprioception. The better your proprioception, the better your coordination.