My passion is driven by a main purpose: To bring you to achieve your goals. I was born in Argentina, but My heritage is Italian.

Now I'm based in Milan but I also travel a lot around the world. Sport has always been a fundamental pillar in my life. I started my career as a young football player in Buenos Aires and I learned a lot about my body and its functions.

Although at one point I decided to take a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business in Cordoba, Argentina, I’ve never stopped to dedicate my time to work out and study the functioning of my body.

After traveling a lot around the world, I ended up in Europe for a joke of destiny and I’ve decided to take another Bachelor’s Degree in motor science, in Valencia (ISAF).

I firmly believe that a healthy and strong body is the first step towards a better lifestyle.

Understanding how our bodies work and the and the associated fundamental skills is at the forefront of my training philosophies, which are designed especially for sportsman.

My aim is to help you to identify your goals, plan a personal exercises program and follow you in every single step of your program, developing awareness of your body. You will feel stronger, healthier, and sexier.

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